Biyernes, Oktubre 26, 2012

How The World Was Created (Panayan)


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                 There are many stories i've heard about the creation of the world, and most of those stories are from our old folks. But this story made the most appeal to me.

                 According to the Panayan old folks, a long time ago, everything was amorphous and diffluent -- all elements of our world is mixed together.

                 Yet from the depth of this amorphous void, there appeared Tunkung Langit and Alunsina. These two deities came from it was not known. However, Tungkung Langit fell in love with Alunsina, and after so many years of wooing/courtship, they got married and had their abode in the highest realm of the eternal space.

                 Tungkung Langit was an industrios , loving and kind deity whose primary concern was how to impose over the whole distraught set-up of things.While Alunsina was a sluggish, jealous, self-centered goddess whose only work was to sit by the window of their heavenly home and amuse herself with her pointless thoughts.

                  One time Tungkung Langit told Alunsina that he would be away for sometime, but the jealous Alunsina sent the sea-breeze to spy on Tungkung Langit. This made Tungkung Langit angry upon knowing it.These started the quarrel between them.

                Tungkung langit lost his temper, he divestated his wife of powers and drove her away. Nobody knew where Alunsina went.

                 Several days have passed after Alunsina left, however , Tunkung Langit felt very lonely. He realized what he had done.

                 Four months, Tungkung Langit lived in utter and desolation.He could not find Alunsina. His mind seemed pointles,his heart, weary, and sick.

                 One day, he thought of making a big basin of water below the sky so that he can see the image of his wife. The sea was made. However Alunsina was never seen.

                  After a long time Tungkung Langit got irritated to the somber sight of the lonely sea.So he went to the Middleworld and created the land; then he planted this with grasses,trees and flowers. He scattered Alunsina's jewels into the sky, hoping Alunsina would come back if she would see it. Her necklace became the stars, her comb the moon, and her crown the sun. Despite all of these Alunsina did not come back.

                  And up to this period, the Panayan old folks say that Tunkung Langit is alone in his palace in the skies. Sometimes he would cry, people say that rain is Tunkung Langit's tears. Some people believe that the first rain of mayis received with much rejoicing and sacrifice, when it thunders hard, the old folks say that it is Tunkung Langit sobbing, calling for his beloved Alunsina.

~Genesis Daquinan 7-Jasper